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Unraveled and Waveguide now politely stalking local musicians

October 22nd, 2014


Unraveled partners with Waveguide, a newly launched music sourcing phone app to help you find local musicians near you.

Los Angeles, CA ⎯ Independent music brand Unraveled is excited to announce its partnership with Harmonic Vibration, creator of recently launched digital music app WaveGuide. The first of its kind, the collaboration allows all artists featured on the Unraveled platform an opportunity to populate the app’s current artist roster; expanding the artists reach through customized band pages that include status updates, content presentations, performance information, as well as downloadable music.

Unraveled artist Brandon Tory, a co-partner and designer of the app, utilized his involvement with both projects to further encourage and expand local independent art communities.

“Reflecting what the community values is of the greatest importance to us. The support has been tremendous and we’re especially appreciative of our relationship with Unraveled and the feedback Farida and some of the Unraveled artists have provided so far.” ⎯ Jason Martin, WaveGuide Co-Founder

The unique key to WaveGuide’s extensive offerings, the “GO LIVE” feature, allows an artist to make their general physical location publicly known and acts as a beacon for fans within range to discover new music and get involved with local events simultaneously. WaveGuide is currently free and can be found in the Apple store here.

Unraveled is committed to connecting with artists, brands, and organizations whose main purpose is to enrich, advance, and/or expand the independent arts community.

For more information contact Farida Amar, Unraveled Founder at


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