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Unraveled moves it’s headquarters to Los Angeles

September 10th, 2013


Unraveled offers music and design collaborations between a curated list of unsigned independent artists and local designers.

Los Angeles, CA — Unraveled announces its official integration into the Los Angeles Indie music and art scene. Staying true to its brand tagline “Hype for the Hopefuls”, Unraveled is a highly curated online platform which translates lyrics from local unsigned music artists into graphic t-shirts designed by independent artists. Each purchase is accompanied by a free music download as well as access to a full playlist of archived songs. Unraveled’s multi-platform approach includes in-depth artist interviews, reviews of local indie music shows and showcases, cross-promotional channels for indie talent, as well as multi-sensory live events in various cities.

Launched in May 2013 as the brainchild of its then Boston based Founder Farida Amar, Unraveled provides a creative process in which both musician and designer are fully engaged in the production of each Unraveled Original.

“We present a relationship between visual artists, musicians, and designers; our brand revolves around them and their points of view. In many instances, our curators serve as educators; offering resources and tools that not only expand artists into new merchandising territory but provide them with new ideas on how to market and promote their messages. By joining Unraveled, these musicians can keep making the music they love and just trust us to help with the rest. We are honored to do so.” — Farida Amar, Unraveled Founder.

The Unraveled brand is in constant pursuit of creating platforms in which artists, readers, and listeners develop true connection, conversation, and support. By utilizing social media Unraveled strategically provides audiences with a transparent three-hundred and sixty degree look into not only the indie music and art worlds but the brand itself. By chronicling content that focuses on intention and storytelling versus the standard “who, what, when, where” template, Unraveled hopes to generate authentic interest and a sense of community in all serviced markets.

Unraveled is always looking to hear from independent musicians, graphic designers, assistant curators, photographers and writers. Please visit for more information. For additional media or press interest in Unraveled, and for scheduling interviews with Unraveled Founder + Art Director Farida Amar, contact

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Markets: Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Brooklyn

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