Unraveled Artists on the Unraveled Music Festival

March 3rd, 2014

“We loved the community. Meeting the other artists and the people running the show was great. Getting to hear other bands was fantastic, and there was a really good crowd. Not many other places we play have a focus on the bands hanging out and supporting each other, meeting in advance, stuff like that. That’s really important, and I think it sets this [event] apart. We loved it. Seriously, thank you.” – Better Looking People With Superior Ideas

“The unique thing about working with Unraveled is the people. You all are very cool, welcoming, expressive, & creative folks. Again, as we’ve expressed before we truly enjoy & support the Unraveled brand & were very honored to be chosen for the t-shirt collaboration & the music fest. We loved that it was broken into a few different event spaces, all great choices by the way, which was fun for us as well as many who attended. Cheers to many more & we hope that you’ll consider us for any events you may have in the future.” – Got Damage


The Heavns photographed by Isabella Clarke

“The most unique aspect for me was knowing there was a whole team and support system there as excited about the festival as me (if not more). Working with Unraveled was completely different than anything I’ve done before because of the sense of community and the feeling that we’re all working towards the same goal.” – The Heavns


Time and Energy photographed by Isabella Clarke

Everyone involved is a creative individual working together to create this cool happening to promote art, that’s pretty unique and we dig it.” – Time & Energy

“We’ve never played a festival, so the whole thing was new to us. We enjoyed meeting new bands, we liked being photographed and interviewed on camera… it made us feel like maybe we could actually get through to the world some day! All in all, it was among the very best experiences our band has ever had. Thank you!” – The Spreewells

“The most unique thing about working with Unraveled was the setup at the venue. When it was time to perform I really liked how the crowd shifted from upstairs to downstairs. The setup of the venue from the vibe of people, fit my style. I really appreciate the opportunity and hope to work with the Unraveled team again.” – Skinny Joey Murtle

“My first time performing in a mixed genre setting. Really liked the other bands’ music. First time being in or performing in Downtown Los Angeles, great atmosphere for the indie music culture.” – Brandon Tory

Featured image (above) of Got Damage posing for Oscar Montes during the Unraveled Music Festival in Downtown Los Angeles taken on 2/13/14.

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