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Scowlin Owl

November 21st, 2013

Folk / Americana London, UK •

“We write storytelling-type songs that tell great tales.”

Unraveled Artist Interview:

Q: Why did you make this song? What does it mean to you?
A: I wrote this song as a homage to one of my favourite films, Night of the Hunter, a 50s movie starring Robert Mitchum. Mitchum plays a murderous preacher who is set on stealing some cash from a couple of kids – he goes so far as to marry their mother to get hold of the money. It doesn’t end well for her. Anyway, the look of the film, its score, and Mitchum’s performance I think makes this one of the best films of all time. He is truly terrifying in it, a mixture of threat and charm. Its also beautifully filmed in black and white. The song pretty much follows the plot of the film, but more generally its about how some people are just bad news, and there’s not too much you can do about that rather than accept it and focus on the good.

Q: What do you want listeners to understand from this creation?
A: The lyric used on our t-shirt, “The moon bleaches the scene” is literally talking about those amazing nights you get when the moon is full and so bright that everything is washed out, greyed, but also luminous. Its a beautiful time, but also a frightening time, as you can’t hide in the dark…. people such as the preacher can come and find you.

Q: How can people support you further?
A: Listening to our EP, These Strange Companions, and if they like it, buying it or coming to one of our live shows! You can buy the CD from our Bandcamp site, and you can also get our music on all the usual digital suspects such as iTunes, Spotify & Amazon. Also do check out out amazing animated video to one of our other songs, Mifune, which is about samurai. You can view it here.

Q: What is your ultimate vision for your work?
A: For me personally, to write a concept album that’s pretty ambitious in terms of storytelling but that’s also musically accessible to people. That might be a little way off. I’m waiting for the inspiration for the ‘big story’ to come to me. Generally I think the Owls just want to develop organically though – to do what feels right, whatever that is. So who knows where we’ll end up.

Q: Do you consider your music to fall within a genre(s)?
A: We fall between folk and americana / alt-country, I guess…

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