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Sasha Ilyukevich and The Highly Skilled Migrants

December 29th, 2013

Belarusian Rock n’ Roll • London, UK •

“I sing in Russian, my lyrics play on images from Eastern Slavic Folklore and Russian Literature.”

Unraveled Artist Interview:

Q: Why did you make this song? What does it mean to you?
A: ‘KOLYA’ is a work inspired equally by the feelings of dread on seeing the boy Kolya, heir presumptive to the totalitarian regime in Belarus, groomed for succession and the sheer absurdity of the images thrown up by the propaganda machine that paves his way; toddler Kolya receives a choreographed military parade, boy Kolya meets with the Pope, waist high to his accompanying father, Kolya inspects the military’s top brass, Kolya is awarded a golden gun. At a time when North Korea is enduring a third generation hereditary succession in a dictatorship unprecedented in living memory, this song addresses Kolya as the spectre of all such dynastic cronyism, bemoans the longevity and resilience of such regimes and mocks them with their inevitable decline.

Q: What do you want listeners to understand from this creation?
A: ‘KOLYA’ is a protest-song and our aim was to raise the awareness in the world about the totalitarian regime in the country where I come from. Watch a video for ‘Kolya’ on our YouTube page!

Q: How can people support you further?
A: We always appreciate when people support us by spreading the word, coming to our gigs, also buying our music online or at our events. People can sing up for our mailing list via our official website, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Blogspot. Also you can make a donation or purchase our songs on Bandcamp.

Q: What is your ultimate vision for your work?
A: Our ultimate vision is to carry on creating and releasing more music and playing more gigs.

Q: Do you consider your music to fall within a genre(s)?
A: We call our music – ‘Belarusian Rock n’ Roll’ and it has been influenced by many artists from many genres such as 60s and 70s Rock, Post Punk, Folk, Russian Gypsy Music, Tribal Rhythms, Electronic and Avant Garde.

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