Referentials Collection 001

October 17th, 2013

Collections of audio/visual explorations and inspirations from Unraveled Founder, Farida Amar


1. “It’s a very intuitive process. If something feels right then I’ll grab it and play with it.” – Leah Yerpe, Illustrator, Brooklyn, USA


2. “I just work with what I have. I can’t really say what makes a good picture, you just go with your gut.” – Masha Demianova, Photographer, Moscow, Russia


3. Sveta Idelson, Photographer, Saint Petersburg, Russia


4. “Lights and sound, the music and the visual, they melt together. You see, tomorrow I’ll do the soundcheck, but until then, I don’t even know how it will fit.” – Ryoji Ikeda, Installation Artist, Paris, France


5. Ana Teresa Barboza, Illustrator and Embroidery Artist, Lima, Peru


6. “I have battled a melancholy demeanor and sensitive tendencies for most of my life and find that one of my main ‘cures’ is to find truthful beauty everyday, to behold it and appreciate it before it slips away into the ether.” – JL Schnabel, Jewelry Designer, Bloodmilk, Philadelphia, USA


7. Folke Janssen, Installation Artist, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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