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OPEN CALL : Independent Music Curators

July 9th, 2013

Accepting candidates from: Los Angeles, New York City and London.

We are looking for music nerds to join our team. In order to expand, we need scouts and curators to find and process potential Unraveled artists, respectively. Our goal is to find and promote unknown, under-heard, independent, hard working, honest, and great sounding musicians from all around the world. We need help from people with their ear super-glued to the ground in order to find talented independent musicians from all corners of the globe.

…It’s deceptively simple.

1) artist → 2) scout → 3) curator → 4) designer → 5) the public

  1. An artist exists who the world needs to hear. We believe there are plenty of people in this category!
  2. Either we find them ourselves, or we use the help of a scout. Underground and independent music is a spiderweb of complicated nuances and unknown sounds. We want people who live and breathe on this web to help us!
  3. The curators select a lyric from and artist; something witty, controversial, confrontational, wonderfully weird; something that makes you stop and smile, or stop and think.
  4. We take this lyric and deliver it to another breed of independent artist, a graphic designer. The designer gets their creative juices flowing to the beat of the music, allowing them to create a graphic design for a t-shirt using the selected lyric.
  5. We send the shirt back onto the streets – a piece of apparel that connects the artist to the public and artists to other artists.

This process breeds creative interactions between musicians, allows us to throw awesome events, takes unknown talent and gives it a soapbox, brings attention to starving and brilliant graphic designers, and gives the public a tangible object through which they can support and enjoy independent music and design.

Does this sound like you? If so, send an email introducing yourself and the city you represent to to start the conversation!

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