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Unraveled brings Boston lyrics worth wearing

April 12th, 2013


Unraveled debuts in Boston with a live show featuring six independent artists and an original line of t-shirt designs.

Boston, MA ⎯ Farida Amar, art director specializing in communication platforms for the independent arts community, is excited to announce the official launch of Unraveled.

Unraveled makes shirts to support independent music. The shirts are created from lyrics of carefully selected songs, curated by local musician, producer and scientist Arjun Ray. When an Unraveled original is purchased, buyers also receive a complimentary download of the song it represents.

This collection allows listeners to make a visible sign of support for the local arts community. Sharing independent music and increasing visibility for these ambitious artists through apparel design showcases ideas about society, politics and relationships; but most importantly, aids in the transfer of these ideas to listeners.

“Musicians are good at making music. We’ve seen a need to support them with branding, marketing, design and promotion. By joining Unraveled, these musicians can keep making the music they love and just trust us to help with the rest. We are honored to do so.” – Farida Amar, Unraveled Founder

Unraveled’s tagline, “hype for the hopefuls,” represents the optimism of young creators. Unraveled finds its intention in the hope that their messages will be understood and embraced.

Unraveled will launch its first collection of shirt designs and its website along with six Unraveled Artist live music performances on May 11th, 2013 from 5-9PM at The Good Life in Downtown Boston located at 28 Kingston Street Boston, MA 02111. Unraveled shirts will be available for order. Tickets for this event can be bought for $5 on Ticketleap via Please note: Only 200 tickets will be issued for this event, 21+.

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