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December 29th, 2013

Hip Hop • San Diego, CA, USA •

“I exist because of my passion and the fact that I have people that believe in me.”

Unraveled Artist Interview:

Q: Why did you make this song? What does it mean to you?
A: I made Progression 101 because I felt like it represents what my life and mentality is at this point in life. It means that no matter who you are or what you do you should always be looking to progress. Running in place is wasting your time, and wasting time to me is taboo since it’s one of those things we can never get back. Striving to progress gives you a sense of purpose. It keeps your drive alive. This concept is something that can literally be applied to anything in life.

Q: What do you want listeners to understand from this creation?
A: I hope listeners hear this song and think about their life and what kind of progress they would like to make in it. How they can go from good to great in any area of their life. If a listener is a student, how can he or she progress and become a great students. If a listener is a spouse, how can he or she become a great spouse. If a listener is a young professional, how can he or she reach that next level. No matter who the listener is, I hope that they will be inspired to take the concept and apply it to their own personal life situations.

Q: How can people support you further?
A: I have learned that the #1 way people can support is by sharing the music with others. You can follow me @jevysworld and of course on Facebook and Instagram of course. But to me it’s much better if you bring a few others with you when you do so. That is the best support. Success in this industry is all about your ability to get your brand to the masses.

Q: What is your ultimate vision for your work?
A: My ultimate vision is for the world to connect with my work. Which is the reason why one of our main goals right now is to secure a spot on a national and/or international tour with a major headliner. We have made some really good connections so be on the lookout!

Q: Do you consider your music to fall within a genre(s)?
A: By default my music is considered Hip Hop. However, I personally just describe it as “Good Music”. That way, I don’t put myself in a box. A creative mind is limited when it’s boxed in.

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