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June 14th, 2015

Unraveled Jam Session 001 : The Heavns + BCGs
Mojave Desert, May 30, 2015

Over the past year, quite a few of our musicians have fallen in love with one another. In honor of this beautiful phenomenon we call Love and it’s partner in crime, Inspiration, we’ve started documenting Unraveled Jam Sessions.

In these sessions Unraveled Artists from different bands meet up in someone’s house or studio to see what it sounds like to collide. In this Unraveled Jam Session (above), we have the drummer, Cruiiix, and the bassist, Mikey Cabral, from the BCGs and a guitarist, Vid Glass, from The Heavns accompanied by Mikey’s brother, Ruben Cabral. This was filmed in the “music room” at Cruiiix’ house in the Mojave Desert. Vid, Mikey and Ruben all drove up from Los Angeles for a long evening and late night of click tracks, guitar swaps, singing and napping and singing while napping.

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“For a second this four walled box became a very powerful and creative force. Every soul in it manifested something truly beautiful. Its these events in life that drive me as an artist. It’s these conversations and ideas shared that fuel the fire that is my lust for life.” – Cruiiix

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“It’s a dream come true to have the opportunity to collaborate with people whose company I genuinely enjoy and whose art I thoroughly admire. It’s one of those ‘you kinda had to be there’ type of things. If you were in our band you’d be home by now. Within days that guitar’s neck broke and those shoes were stolen in Oakland, but I firmly believe they fulfilled their purpose with this session. I’m jealous of myself and I’m glad I didn’t blow it.” – Vid Glass

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