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Isabella Clarke

March 2nd, 2014

Photography • Los Angeles, CA, USA •

“PEOPLE are my passion. I find the most joy in photographing fashion, editorials, and musicians.”

Unraveled Artist Interview:

Q: What is your design philosophy?
A: Connection! I aim to bring out everything a person is, and everything they never knew they were when they are in front of the camera. I love the excitement and joy in a person’s face when they see an amazing photo of themselves. I strive for that every time I photograph – that’s what keeps me going in this industry. It is vital for me to connect with every subject. It’s really beautiful to see how if you build of photographic relationship with someone in particular, you get to see so many different layers of that person. Photography is an intimate act, and in my mind is treated as such. I am capturing someone at a point in their life they will never have again, and I want them to remember that moment forever, every detail.

Q: What aesthetic or visual ideas affect you the most?
A: Hmmm…I love the beauty of simplicity. I love juxtapositions. I love spontaneity. I want my photos to be timeless, to the subject, the viewer, and myself. The idea that I could take a photo of someone and in fifty years if someone in that generation sees that photo, they would identify that person by my photo because it a classic. That is THEM in their entirety.

Q: How do you understand the interface between sound and visual?
A: If you hear a song, you can see a visual in your mind. Both create some sort of emotion and invigorate the senses. Music can change the mood of shoot instantly, and a photo can change how many records you sell.

Q: Briefly explain your creative process.
A: Oh it is so different every time!! I really value and appreciate thoroughly planning a project out either by myself or with multiple creative minds. I also love following the spontaneous energy of creativity and seeing where that goes.

Q: Do you believe in the process more than result or result more than process? Why?
A: The process. Life is all one big process, the result ever changing. Photography is my way of processing life.

Q: Why do you value being part of an independent artist community?
A: We all have each other!

Q: What is the range of methods, materials and styles you are most comfortable working with?
A: Digital photography. Although I have quite a few awesome film cameras I want to play with more.

Q: Please tell us how people can further support you and your work.
A: To book a shoot please email: I’m based in LA but I am available to travel.

Featured image (above) photographed by Farida Amar for Unraveled in Downtown Los Angeles on 6/20/14.

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