#hypeforph interview with Ridge Tan

November 25th, 2013

Unraveled was able to talk with Ridge Tan, a Filipino musician whose song Carlos is featured on the #HypeForPH mixtape, about his thoughts regarding music and Typhoon Haiyan.

UR: Please introduce yourself and tell us what part of the Philippines you are from/currently located in.

RT: I’m Ridge Tan…, I was born and raised in Bicol, Naga City. Currently living in Metro Manila, Mandaluyong.

UR: What would you say is the overall message you are trying to convey through your music?

RT: I’d like to believe that my music is cinematic in purpose. It’s an attempt to score my life, utilizing personal experience and the experience of other people. Truth be told, It really doesn’t matter to me if the music is the medium or vice-versa. As long as there is honesty; in-between the elements of fiction in the song, I’m sold.

UR: Please tell us what you want the world to know about the current crisis and relief efforts in the Philippines.

RT: Haiyan took a lot of lives and caused a lot of suffering to my fellow filipinos. All I can say is: every little bit of help counts, from monetary donations to well-meant wishes, to sharing related posts through social-media- It makes a difference. I’d like to send my sincere thank yous to everyone who supported the relief efforts. All of you have given my countrymen hope to rebuild their lives.

UR: Tell us an example of how you have witnessed people helping each other during this time.

RT: People from various walks of life have joined together to help those hit by the typhoon. For  the common cause of supporting those in need, everyone relearned how to be human. From the perspective of a musician, I’ve seen a lot of like-minded performers who’ve been incessantly doing fund-raising gigs to provide donations for those struck by Haiyan.

UR: Do you think music has a healing power?

RT: Definitely. Music helps you forget pain and helps you remember lost loved ones. It unifies people for a just cause and makes the apathetic move. Music is a powerful driver for societal healing.

UR: If you or your friends and family have taken any actions to respond to the relief effort, please tell us about it.

RT: I’ve been part of fund-raising gigs to provide donations for Haiyan victims. My family donated boxes of bottled water through a local charity initiative. To our international friends, you can donate funds through the Philippine Red Cross.  For details: redcross.org.ph/donate.

You can find more about Ridge Tan and discover more from him and his amazing music here: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram | NDFY | You can find more about #HypeForPH, Unraveled’s initiative to send love and support and donations to the Philippines, here: The Project | Press Release | Twitter

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