#hypeforph interview with Kian Ransom

November 29th, 2013

Unraveled was able to talk with Kian of Kian Ransom, a Filipino band whose song Waterproof is featured on the #HypeForPH mixtape, about his thoughts regarding music and Typhoon Haiyan.

UR: Please introduce yourself and tell us what part of the Philippines you are from/currently located in.

KR: We are Kian Ransom, a six man Indie folk/rock band currently located and based in Manila. We are made up of Hunny Lee, Jermaine Peck, Leah Halili, Muriel Gonzlaes, Lily Gonzales, and Kian Ransom. We are all current or former students of UP Diliman.

UR: What would you say is the overall message you are trying to convey through your music?

KR: Overall, our music tells many stories. If anything, there is a lot of passion that goes into our music and lyrics. We believe that music should mean something, and when I write, I strive for depth. Our music is mostly just about the experience of growing up; love, loss, friendship, betrayal, fears, triumph, etc.

UR: Please tell us what you want the world to know about the current crisis and relief efforts in the Philippines.

KR: First off, we want to extend our sincere thanks to all the individuals, organizations, companies, families, etc. that have reached out to the Philippines after the tragic effects of Typhoon Yolanda. Although relief efforts are encountering numerous obstacles, the hope and promise of recovery from the generosity of the international community has been overwhelming. Filipinos have proven time and time again that their hearts are truly waterproof, and this storm is no exception. Despite the loss of property, goods, and even loved ones, spirits here are never broken. Although homes, cars, and clothing may have been washed away, the people here continue to wear a smile.

UR: Tell us an example of how you have witnessed people helping each other during this time.

KR: Filipinos look out for each other. Aside from foreign aid, locals who have been unaffected by the storm have been working non stop to care for their countrymen down south. Billboards, commercials, radios, all media has been saturated with opportunities and efforts to help. People are sending food, clothes, goods, and in many cases, sending themselves as volunteers to aid with whatever needs to be done. I have personally had friends begin fundraisers, donate portions of their business’s incomes for a period of time, and even had a few friends head south to actually help with rescue and recovery.

UR: Do you think music has a healing power?

KR: Absolutely. Music has such an affect on people. It can both motivate someone to achieve something, or bring them to tears. There is something about music that causes one to really face their emotions and thoughts. Personally, I can remember specific moments in time where a specific song was impactful, and will always remind me how I felt or where I was at the time.

UR: If you or your friends and family have taken any actions to respond to the relief effort, please tell us about it.

KR: About two months before Super Typhoon Yolanda, I wrote a song entitled “Waterproof.” I wrote it after a smaller typhoon stuck Manila, which caused some serious flooding. The song is specifically about how the Filipino heart is waterproof. The lyrics tell of how regardless of the physical damage or inconvenience a typhoon may cause, the people here always have their heads held high, and they are never defeated, and their spirits are never broken. We independently recorded and released the song, with all the proceeds being directed to the Red Cross. We hope the song will both bring hope and peace to those affected, and that it might serve as an anthem to this nations resolve. Waterproof can be found on Bandcamp, by clicking here.

This is a home video of Kian Ransom playing Waterproof for their own friends and family, we’re so in love with this.

You can find more about Kian Ransom and discover more of their  music here: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | ReverbNation | You can find more about #HypeForPH, Unraveled’s initiative to send love and support and donations to the Philippines, here: The Project | Press Release | Twitter

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