#hypeforph interview with Hana ACBD

November 30th, 2013

Unraveled was able to talk with Hana ACBD, a Filipina musician whose song evoL etaH is featured on the #HypeForPH mixtape, about her thoughts regarding music and Typhoon Haiyan.

UR: Please introduce yourself and tell us what part of the Philippines you are from/currently located in.

ACBD: I’m Hana, an Illustrator/Musician and I’m currently residing in Quezon City.

UR: What would you say is the overall message you are trying to convey through your music?

ACBD: Just have fun, appreciate the little things and live the life the way you want to.

UR: Please tell us what you want the world to know about the current crisis and relief efforts in the Philippines.

ACBD: Typhoon Yolanda has devastated the city of Tacloban and other places as well and it left a lot of people homeless. Help has been pouring in from all over the world and we are very grateful for it.

UR: Tell us an example of how you have witnessed people helping each other during this time.

ACBD: Personally, When I saw the news on TV I immediately looked for a place where I can drop off some goods and clothes for the victims. Floods of donations are coming in from every part of the country and the world, everyone wanted to help. It’s a very beautiful thing.

UR: Do you think music has a healing power?

ACBD: Absolutely. Music drives emotion, it has the power to stir you and take your mind and heart to places far from where you’re in, brings back memories and makes you feel better.

UR: If you or your friends and family have taken any actions to respond to the relief effort, please tell us about it.

ACBD: I’m not a showy person. I personally think it is not necessary to broadcast how you’ve helped someone because in the end, the only thing that matters to me is that the people I helped can start their lives over. There are tons of centers where people can drop off goods near my house so it was easy for me to send out my donations.

You can find more about Hana ACBD and discover more of her amazing music here: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | You can find more about #HypeForPH, Unraveled’s initiative to send love and support and donations to the Philippines, here: The Project | Press Release | Twitter

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