#hypeforph interview with Blackwool

November 26th, 2013

Unraveled was able to talk with Blackwool, a Filipino rock band whose song The Emperor Sleeps is featured on the #HypeForPH mixtape, about their thoughts regarding music and Typhoon Haiyan.

UR: Please introduce yourself and tell us what part of the Philippines you are from/currently located in.

BW: We are a four piece instrumental rock band from Manila, Philippines. We have been around since 2008. We have an album out and are currently in the middle of writing and recording our second album.

UR: What would you say is the overall message you are trying to convey through your music?

BW: I guess we don’t have an overall message, but we do this (make music) for the love of it and we want to push ourselves to be creative, and if we get people to appreciate what we do then that’s fantastic.

UR: Please tell us what you want the world to know about the current crisis and relief efforts in the Philippines.

BW: The current crisis that Haiyan brought in dealt a really huge blow to our countrymen in Leyte. A lot of people have been displaced and the death toll keeps rising on a daily basis, not just because of the typhoon itself, but also because of its aftermath.

UR: Tell us an example of how you have witnessed people helping each other during this time.

BW: We have witnessed human compassion ranging from prisoners from local jails giving up their meals for donation, local businesses encouraging their employees to donate their time for volunteer work or relief packages to international efforts where we receive worldwide support to help achieve one goal – which is give aid and give assistance to our typhoon victims.

UR: Do you think music has a healing power?

BW: Yes –  it has a healing power, because it moves you, it inspires you and it has the power to make change as evidenced by past events in the Philippines (people power) and worldwide (John Lennon’s “Hair Peace Bed Peace”, Live Aid, etc.)

UR: If you or your friends and family have taken any actions to respond to the relief effort, please tell us about it.

BW: We have donated individually and as a band through various efforts like Red Cross and Hope in a Bottle. Please visit the Red Cross and Hope in a Bottle webpages.

You can find more from Blackwool here: Facebook | Twitter | ReverbNation | You can find more about #HypeForPH, Unraveled’s initiative to send love and support and donations to the Philippines, here: The Project | Press Release | Twitter

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