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Hil Jaeger

August 29th, 2014

Designer • Oakland, CA, USA •

“I live and I make.”

Unraveled Artist Interview:

Q: What is your design philosophy?
A: My design philosophy is simple. For most of humanity, we lived outdoors and the natural world was a source of constant visual stimulation. The way the light carved shadows into mountains, the waves broke, the wind blew and the fields of grass danced, provided a constant, rich visual experience that set tone and mood. Our feet touched the earth. Then we covered the earth with cement and tar and our feet with rubber and cloth – a constant reminder of the many layers now between our bodies and the land. Design is a way of reclaiming that connection to the world around us. With paint brushes, spray cans and digital tools, we can say “I want that which surrounds me, that which I look at, that which I wear, to make me feel.” The natural world is rich with dynamics. Let the objects we have fabricated also be.

Q: What aesthetic or visual ideas affect you the most?
A: These ideas, the ones that reclaim the fabricated, turn “man made” into “human experienced”, are what affect me most.

Q: How do you understand the interface between sound and visual?
A: Music is my mother tongue and from the moment I started making sounds, I started seeing them as well. What fuels my sound making is the idea of making sonic landscapes that match the visual ones I see in my head. So in this way, there is no difference between sound and visual.

Q: Briefly explain your creative process.
A: My creative process begins in the same way my day does – I wake up to a beating heart that indicates I still exist in this form and go about moving throughout space in the particular shape I embody. Every step is a result of my specific experience in this life. As is everything I create. So there really is not a beginning or end to my creative process, as my life on planet earth is just that.

Q: Do you believe in the process more than result or result more than process? Why?
A: In that sense, I most definitely believe in the process more than the result. Or rather, the process is the result, as the future is just now.

Q: Why do you value being part of an independent artist community?
A: I deeply value being part of an independent artistic community because only when we take back our lives, our art from the violent grips of capitalism and consumerism are we granted the chance to live shamelessly and howl into the world without acknowledgment of the purported beat which we should be striding to.

Q: What is the range of methods, materials and styles you are most comfortable working with?
A: I want to believe that I am comfortable with all materials, all styles and what ever ones I choose are just a reflection of where I am standing at this exact moment in time.

Q: Please tell us how people can further support you and your work.
A: People can find me at Soundcloud and Thank you Unraveled for creating an exquisite space for us all to dance, howl and inhabit together. As my sister Eleza Jaeger states “In relation to the universe we are all sleeping in the same room.”

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