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September 26th, 2014


Five bands and three consecutive shows in three SoCal cities.

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• Who • BLPWSINovaThe ShapeCurtsy
• When • Thurs, 2 October 2014 8 PM
• Where • Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles CA

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• Who • BLPWSINovaThe ShapeCurtsy
• When • Fri, 3 October 2014 9 PM
• Where • Billy O’s, Ventura CA

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• Who • BLPWSINovaThe Heavns
• When • Sat, 4 October 2014 9 PM
• Where • The Go Lounge, San Diego CA

Written by Luka Fisher

On October 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Better Looking People With Superior Ideas has designed a special three-night “micro-tour” through Southern California of psychedelic ephemera where they will perform with friends: Nova, The Shape, Curtsy and Vid Glass. Because four out of five of these bands also happen to be Unraveled Artists, Better Looking People reached out to ask for us to accompany them with micro-pop-ups. The Unraveled installations will include information about the performing and other Unraveled Artists and Unraveled Original T-shirts. The shows will be documented by Unraveled Artists Bella Clarke (photo) and Pepa Albornoz (film).


Better Looking People With Superior Ideas: Band Site | UR Artist Page | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Los Angeles is an intoxicating place. And sometimes it’s easy to get drunk off all the tinsel town smugness and congratulate yourself on living in a city full of Better Looking People With Superior Ideas at least compared to most of the rest of the country of the world of the mind; except New York. Fuck New York.

It’s also a city built on a wink and a nod. And who better to remind us of this fact then Los Angeles based Better Looking People With Superior Ideas? Better Looking People name and imagery is so absurd that they seem almost psychically linked to other experimental pop groups like DEVO and The Talking Heads. Their sound is an intriguing and contemporary blend of classical orchestration, electro-rock, pop and post punk that is likely to impress its listeners.


Nova: Band Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Depending on the amount of drugs you have consumed, your willingness to suspend disbelief or how much of their bio you were able to read Nova is either a three-piece band from New York or a group of non-descript aliens hailing from Saturina. In 2014 Nova released their debut album “Midnight Sun” which is a delicious combination of progressive rock, funk, jazz-fusion, and other disparate influences.

I spoke with their drummer Manny Lorenzo who told me that this is their first ever tour outside of New York and New Jersey and maybe it’s the furthest that they’ve all been from home. And while everyone is excited, there are some concerns about being on tour. Manny, for instance, was a bit worried that one of the other bands might end up drugging him and stealing his kidneys. Still they’re down for the adventure: “we love stuff when you just don’t know where it’s going to go.”


The Shape: Band Site | UR Artist Page | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The Shape’s sound is both discernable and illusive; like its name. This San Francisco based trio fuses sixties jams, jazz, psychedelic sounds, world music, big band and so much more into a cohesive sound that is beautiful, spacey and unnerving.


Curtsy: Facebook | Instagram

Curtsy is an alternative rock band based in Ventura, CA. Their use of slow rhythms, reverbed vocals, and dueling singers calls to mind criminally ignored Britpop groups like Black Box Recorder and The Auteurs. However, unlike those bands Curtsy lyrics seem sincere and immediate.


The Heavns: Band Site | UR Artist Page | Facebook | Twitter

Vid Glass is a singer-songwriter who plays psychedelic garage rock that occasionally flirts with shoe gaze. His track “Waste Away” is beautiful, and nostalgic anthem perfect for late night drives and those moments of weakness when I Facebook stalk a lost love.

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