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July 24th, 2013

• Who • TheurgistBeast PatrolLive not on Evil
• When • Tuesday, 30 July 2013 8 PM
• Where • Kung Fu Necktie (upstairs), Philly PA

Written by Arjun Ray

Mark your calendars!

This show features two bands that share a single member, Joey Patrone, who happens to be an old acquaintance of Unraveled curator Arjun Ray. Back in his misguided youth, Arjun played at least a few shows with the viciously schizo and rowdy Deathrock band The New Minority. The genre Deathrock embraces the punk rock roots of goth music and is more about morbid fun, androgyny, crazy outfits and huge hair than moping in the corner and writing bad poetry in moleskins. Joey, the drummer in The New Minority, has gone on to play with Live not on Evil, and Theurgist.


Live not on Evil play vaguely metallic punk with beefy minor chord grooves and aggressive clean vocals. Picking up occasional style points from ska and rockabilly, this band has a pretty diverse repertoire with each song displaying unique style and songwriting. Fans of the Misfits and pumping their fists at invisible enemies will be right at home.


Beast Patrol takes a markedly different pace with nearly-delicate, textured female vocals over super catchy post-punk rhythm section. The band verges on shoe-gaziness, and the songs are punctuated with the rare throaty scream. This is sing along stuck in your head material, so empty those Beiber joints out of your braincase and make room for some quality hooks.



This is Theurgist’s first show! Self-described as “Dirty despairing post punk”. And what is Theurgy?

the·ur·gy  (thûr-j)
n. pl. the·ur·gies
1. Divine or supernatural intervention in human affairs.
2. The performance of miracles with supernatural assistance.

Thanks for that clarification dictionary.com!

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