Hear | Now : Vol. 003

August 7th, 2013

• Who Brock Ginther, Everything and Everyone
• When Friday, 16 August 2013 7 PM
• Where • The Lilypad, Cambridge MA

Written by Arjun Ray

Tired of trying to live up to a rabble-rousing, shit-kicking, hard-drinking archetype of Friday night? This coming Friday, take a night for yourself and come down to the Lilypad in Somerville. Grab a chair or sit on the floor – this multi-purpose art space does not have a bar, and normally hosts jazz and, wait for it…..art. Curiously, the Unraveled Curator has only seen strange bands at Lillypad, like free-jazz ninjas The Fringe, industrial noise bands, and a 3 piece band consisting of a kindergartner and his parents. This is an intimate setting for seeing music since the stage is always only a few feet away, no matter where you sit. The night promises music faithful to the art of storytelling, with sets from Brock Ginther (of King Pedestrian) and Everything and Everyone (the band).


Brock Ginther is the MS Paint genius of music. I really mean it. Have you seen certain heroes of the internet, armed with only colors and pixels, are able to produce masterful artwork (check YouTube)? Likewise, Brock uses the simplest parts of songcraft in their rawest form. Yet, he stitches together some of the cleverest and weirdest music soon to be stuck between your ears.  Brock’s talent for songwriting is totally unadulterated, live and jump-kicking. He’s a songwriter first, who plays something like rock music, not a rock musician who runs scales all day and sings badly over ‘jams’. He could make cohesive music with spoons and a stick as much as with a guitar and a band. The instrumentation he does use is purpose-built for each tune, serving first and foremost the lyrical content and imagery. He writes about such pressing matters as defending lizards, and girls on buffalos. Underneath the humor, he is a truly great lyricist an songwriter who doesn’t take him self too seriously.


Everything and Everyone is all about understated storytelling, with a focus on lyrics and melody. Their sound is sun drenched, carried by ambient surf guitars that wash without hurry over softly pattering drums. Occasional guitar rockers and harmonica also appear on their album Hard to Try. The echo chamber vocals slaps back like a reminder of some gradually fading memory, and song subject’s range from the melancholy to quiet tales of triumph. Song forms serve the stories being told, with several changes in mood and music throughout a song based on the events unfolding lyrically. Everything about this band is earnest. All in all, the four piece is reminiscent of Band of Horses, or poring through an album of sun bleached photographs on a weekend morning alone.

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