Recap : Canada, Airacuda, Vishnu Basement, Marina Kec, Caitlin Dagle, Nicole Battestilli, Farida Amar, Truong Ta

May 27th, 2016

The second of six audio/visual reviews covering the events of Unraveled Tours, 2016. All photographs taken by Farida Amar on May 17th, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA.

This show was titled, “Eventually, everything connects.”  The idea was to break everything apart, rearrange it, and put it back together. Unraveled Curator Truong Ta developed a unique approach to presenting the music using this format by taking apart the traditional 30 minute band sets and rearranging the individual songs into one continuous 1.5 hour playlist.

Although it was a tight fit and although our sound engineer, Cassidy, had to power all three bands the whole time, and although we had to drop in separate ground lines through the ceiling to make this all possible; Canada, Airacuda and Vishnu Basement crawled into their areas arranged in a half circle, separated into thirds by hanging white silk and really killed it. Despite the initial disorientation, they relaxed into it, worked together and brought this concept to life.

The bands were taken off the stage and placed on ground level with the audience and the dancers were given the now clear stage area. Rather than choreograph each dance together, they instead were each assigned a band. Meaning, when each band played, their corresponding dancer would perform. For this show, Caitlin Dagle performed for Canada, Nicole Battestilli performed for Airacuda and Marina Kec performed for Vishnu Basement.

Farida Amar installed the white silk fabric where necessary to designate the separate areas in a way where the audience could see everything from where they were standing and the bands and dancers could also all see each other the entire time. Farida also constructed lighting using bicycle wheel frames for the bands and audience areas and installing a projection on stage for the dancers.

This was the third Unraveled show in Philadelphia, but the first in a DIY venue. It was a total pleasure working with Hazzard Hall and we’d like to thank their whole crew for their tolerance of our crazy build out, support for our collective and shared passion for local artists. Don’t you worry Hazzard Hall! We’ll be back! See you again soon!


Airacuda opening the show.


Airacuda opening the show.


Airacuda opening the show.


Nicole Battestilli dancing for Airacuda.


Canada performing live.


Caitlin Dagle dancing for Canada.


Canada performing live.


Canada Performing live.


Caitlin Dagle dancing for Canada.


Canada performing live.


Marina dancing for Vishnu Basement.


Vishnu Basement performing live.


Vishnu Basement performing live.


Vishnu Basement performing live.


Marina dancing for Vishnu Basement.


Nicole Battestilli waiting for her turn to dance again.


Canada watching Vishnu Basement play.

The final show set list: (1) Carpe Diem by Airacuda (2) Addie by Airacuda (3) Computer Wolf by Canada (4) April Came With The Rain by Airacuda (5) Zebra by Vishnu Basement (6) Sounds of Yesterday by Airacuda (7) Out of Our Heads by Airacuda (8) Committing Sudoku by Canada (9) The Mythic Rot by Vishnu Basement (10) Achilles Lemonade Stand by Canada (11) The Bike Song by Airacuda (12) Adios by Airacuda (13) Infinity by Vishnu Basement (14) Eventually by Canada


Canada performing live.


Caitlin Dagle dancing for Canada.


Marina dancing for Vishnu Basement.


Brendan Detweiler & Farida Amar photographing each other.


Canada closing out the show with Eventually.


Audience piled in.


Canada and Caitlin Dagle resting after the show.


Group photo of the production crew and featured artists after the show!

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