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August 22nd, 2013

Unraveled is a brand worth watching. Built on the idea, hype for the hopefuls, Unraveled finds artists who do not fit existing molds. The brand’s hometown proved to be one of its greatest assets in the beginning. Founded in Boston, Unraveled was able to work with an abundance of artists who are generally more independent than those who belong to the more mainstream culture of NYC. Staying true to the identity of the independent artist, Unraveled has found its place within the noise. And now, Unraveled leaves one waiting to see what comes next.

Leveraging an existing network of followers from Farida LLC, parent company to Unraveled, the followers of the brand’s social sites and web presence seems to be decent. Consistent and relevant communication has let its followers know that if interested, any Unraveled site will have up to date information about their featured independent artists. However, what I’ve noticed is missing is information about the activities of these musicians outside of Unraveled. By adding things such as a calendar with artist concert dates, Unraveled can not only create a destination information site, but better support their artists.

It’s great news that Unraveled currently has many platforms, including Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, all in addition to its main site, but somehow they need to be better linked and advertised across one another. These are all simple fixes, though, leading me to believe in a positive future.

Recently, Unraveled posted an open call for submissions which could be a great way to find new untapped talent, but I wonder how this call is getting to the outside world. Using the current online community is key for growth, but it’s time for Unraveled to create strong relationships with the current industry news sites to give it the reach it hopes to achieve with such calls. This one step would create an awareness that would reach far beyond the network of followers it currently has.

One last thing: I want to see more from the artists. Getting the artists more engaged through their networks will open up an easily accessible audience to grow the base that Unraveled is building. The resource is there for them to use.

In all, Unraveled knows exactly what it’s looking to achieve. I say you should keep them on your mind, but I fear the effects of reverse psychology, so instead I’ll just say that I’m definitely going to wait and see what happens. Then again, maybe I’m just one of the “hopefuls.”

Seda Gokoglu is a marketing communications professional living and working in Boston, MA and a proud recent graduate of Emerson College. You can see more from Seda on her personal portfolio site here. Or you can reach her almost 24 hours a day by following her on twitter here. You can also stalk her on LinkedIn by clicking here. She loves stalkers.

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