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Feed Me Jack

November 9th, 2013

Indie / Math Rock Santa Cruz, CA, USA •

“Five droogs existing solely to admire Bog and All His Holy Angels and Saints.”

Unraveled Artist Interview:

Q: Why did you make this song? What does it mean to you?
A: We made this song because the song made us make the song.

Q: What do you want listeners to understand from this creation?
A: Seagulls are awesome.

Q: How can people support you further?
A: We have 2 albums on Bandcamp that are pay-as-you-like and any donation is appreciated. If you share the music, that is mega-appreciated. But most importantly: if you live nearby and are interested in seeing what we’re all about, then come to our next show!

Q: What is your ultimate vision for your work?
A: Ultimate visions kill creativity! That being said, our proximate visions include more samples, weird noises sent through plastic tubes, photosensitive synthesizers, and further developments into groovy rhythms.

Q: Do you consider your music to fall within a genre(s)?
A: We are sometimes associated with math-rock, which is one of gajillions of influences. We go with the intentionally vague term “indie-rock”. Wait, what is music?

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