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Elena Becker

September 23rd, 2013

Design Amsterdam, Netherlands / Munich, Germany •

“I like to observe and to discuss and I am totally in love with what I am doing. We have so much to learn from each other.”

 Unraveled Artist Interview:

Q: What is your design philosophy?
A: I believe in functionality and simplicity, but also in personality and individuality. The biggest aims of design should be to order, clarify, communicate and innovate – all with the ambitious goal of solving existing problems. When developing good design solutions, close observation of the world around us and its inhabitants are crucial along with a playful and critical approach. In general I see design as a way of thinking, and thus it does not really matter to me what exactly I am designing. I’ve designed bridges, lamps, interiors, bags, exhibitions, furniture, books, shops and tools (…), and I am more than enjoying the variety.

Q: How do you understand the interface between sound and visual?
A: I think they carry each other, give each other emotional depth and emphasize certain aspects, which can be both dangerous and fulfilling. Together, visuals and sound can create a whole new piece of art or design. Because two senses are addressed, the overall perception becomes more intense. Both can serve as indicators and highlight important embassies of the other.

Q: Briefly explain your creative process.
A: My design process always begins with analyzing the problem, task or inspiration. After gathering information, getting myself into the right mood and understanding more about the area I am working in, I continue with a playful and visual brainstorming – bringing the most exciting and boring ideas on paper. In the next step, I order them and pick two or three to continue the work to a deeper point. Than either I, and/or, I with the customer decide on one draft and I elaborate this one further. It is always hard to decide on when something is complete. Sometimes you can just feel it, sometimes deadlines help, sometimes it never really feels like it’s done. Creating variations always helps me to decide when something is finished, but usually – when I look at projects from the past – new inputs make me want to continue the work on those “finished” projects.

Q: Do you believe in the process more than result or result more than process? Why?
A: In my opinion the process always shines through the solution, even if the outcome might be simple or appear obvious. A good process gives depth to the outcome. At least that’s my experience – there might also be spontaneous great works of art and design that don’t need an intense process, but I surely do. Furthermore, I only believe in temporary results as part of a process. Even when something feels finished in its time and space, new inputs, ideas and surroundings will let it appear as only a part of a bigger process.

Q: Why do you value being part of an independent artist community?
A: I enjoy working independently and I enjoy the inputs of artist as a great implement to rather industrial projects. Also it gives me the valuable chance to seriously work on projects without standing under the pressure of economically driven clients.

Q: What is the range of methods, materials and styles you are most comfortable working with?
A: Well, since I mainly work on product design projects, I am very used to a brainstorm session, finding solutions, sketching, building up CAD data and to prototype. But I am also very fluent in layouting, photoshopping and generally creating graphic design solutions. I have basic skills in photography, film and film editing. As I mentioned before I am very interested in human centered design in what ever form it might come. Overall I believe in “getting your hands dirty”, sketching with pen and paper, experimenting with materials – using all your senses –and mock ups.

Q: Please tell us how people can further support you and your work.
A: See more from me on my portfolio site Get in touch with me via Linkedin or send an email to I am always curious to exchange ideas and open for interesting projects. If you are interested in working with me, don’t hesitate to write me in order to get more design samples or informations. Hopefully there will also be an online portfolio up soon. I’ll let you know!

Featured image (above) of Elena Becker wearing an Unraveled Original she designed for Brock Ginther for Unraveled in Amsterdam on 6/25/13.

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