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April 13th, 2014

Math Rock • Philadelphia, PA, USA •

“We discovered math rock and wanted to create original music.”

 Unraveled Artist Interview:

Q: Why did you make this song? What does it mean to you?
A: Ben C. – Asterisk means finding peace in myself through memories that are uncomfortable and I try to forget about, and I want the listener to feel uncomfortable as well.
A: Brock – Asterisk to me describes being cast aside due to someone else’s faults and in turn realizing your own faults and coming to terms with them. It lays out how our interpersonal relationships shift and fold and the natural progression of learning how to adjust to disappointment, happiness, selfishness, loneliness, and other variables.
A: Pete – Asterisk to me means closure through metamorphosis.
A: Ben W. – The song expresses a small amount of the discomfort that comes with comparing experiences to ideals we’re exposed to and expect. The intensity of this discomfort and the contrasting calm fade in and out in waves.

Q: What do you want listeners to understand from this creation?
A: We want people to understand that addressing their shortcomings and faults is only valuable if they act to rectify them and that strength in yourself will override disappointment in others.

Q: How can people support you further?
A:You can find our band page and information on Facebook, and our album Stay Home is on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Merch and upcoming gigs are in development so follow to keep up to date!

Q: What is your ultimate vision for your work?
A: Our goal is to add to the communities that we draw inspiration from, namely experimental music and math rock. Whatever someone takes from it is just as valuable as what anyone else might take from it; music and its appreciation are universal.

Q: Do you consider your music to fall within a genre(s)?
A: The easiest way to describe our sound would be experimental/progressive/math rock.

Featured image (above) photographed by Callan Kapush for Unraveled for the Penumbra show at AUX in Philadelphia on 8/9/14.

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