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Caitlin Dagle

August 23rd, 2014

Performance • Philadelphia, PA, USA •

“I try to show the world the simple yet beautiful glimpses of reality.”

Unraveled Artist Interview:

Q: What is your philosophy on dance? If you do not have one, please talk about that instead.
A: My philosophy on dance although shifting has one main point. Consistency. As long as I am working around the idea of dance and movement in any form I am happy, and therefore fulfilled. I truly believe we can find peace in our day-to-day life that dance can make any person feel alive and well. That we as people crave movement and change. Dance is the way. It also helps calm the mind and find answers about yourself that you would never expect to find.

Q: What  feelings affect you and influence you the most?
A: When working on a piece of movement, I search for ideas and concepts that I do not necessarily understand. I believe the best work comes from a place of discomfort and desire to understand any given topic. The emotion of confusion and understanding is where I begin. That is when I know I have selected the correct topic for my dancers and myself to work on.

Q: How do you understand the interface between sound and visual?
A: The interface between sound and visual has two very distinct lines. For example, imagine watching a piece of movement that was in complete silence. The lack of audio allows the audience to daydream, and to come up with the scenario themselves. The silence means that your opinion about the art cannot be wrong. The sky’s the limit in silence. However when audio, in any means, is added such as the sounds of footsteps or a popular song on the radio you then force the audience to look at the piece from a very specific standpoint. They are being guided to understand what exactly the performers are trying to portray. It’s magic what audio and visual do for one another.

Q: Briefly explain how you begin your creative process and how you decide when something is done.
A: My creative process starts from anywhere. I never rule a single idea out. Whether I was talking a walk, watching a movie, or just conversing with friends a single good idea can appear to you at any moment. Its up to me to decide if that moment’s thought has enough information to develop on. As well as work being done, I do not believe it ever gets there. Work is “done” when you realize that the piece has become second nature to you. That’s when it needs to be performed to see what else needs work, or what other ideas come to mind when it is presented to an audience as finished.

Q: Do you believe in the process more than result or result more than process? Why?
A: I believe in sentences. It’s a funny thing to say as the answer to this question but it’s the truth. You need the process and the result to make one cohesive sentence. If you enjoyed one aspect of making art more than the other it would be as if you started a story and then left right in the middle. The audience will never be fulfilled and they will always be left wondering.

Q: Why do you value being part of an independent artist community?
A: Independent artist communities are so important to the growth of a city. We are the ones that make it beautiful, the murals and the street art or the musician playing in the park. We are what make communities in a larger sense more interesting. We are providing the commentary for the future.

Q: What is the range of methods, materials and styles you are most comfortable working with?
A: For materials or anything used in the process or the result there is no limit for me. Whether it is taking an entire piece and performing it outside to trying to design props that further the audience’s understanding there is nothing I will not use to help my art.

Q: How can people support you further?
A: Email me at

Featured image (above) photographed by Callan Kapush for Unraveled for the Penumbra show at AUX in Philadelphia on 8/9/14.

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