NEW MUSIC EXCLUSIVE : Beyond Tonight by Bare Rivière

July 18th, 2017
Written by Farida Amar.

Berkeley, CA — The newest song from Bare Rivière, Beyond Tonight, will slow you down in the rush of life we all know too well. Gently reminding us that we can trust in a space and time to follow the present moment and that if we slow down just enough to breathe through it, we will be rewarded with rest, dreams, and an interval to recover and regenerate ourselves.

Bria Park and Sierra Snyder construct comfort and hope for listeners with an instrumental track comprised of relaxed, elongated sounds overlaid with syncopated, forward-moving beats. Bria’s voice is as confident as it is soft; balancing between emotional worlds as only Bare Rivière can. Beyond Tonight pushes listeners to realize that there are many sides to every perception and that fragmentation is a natural experience when you surrender to its transcendent potential.

Beyond Tonight invites listeners to explore an emotional spectrum. On one end you are safely resting your head over your lovers heart and on the other, stepping to your own rhythm as you move through the rush of the big city. Give this track a listen, especially if you need a two and a half minute break to center yourself on a busy day.

bareriviere.com | bareriviere@gmail.com

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