BCGs Angels Lust EP Release Show Review No. 2

May 28th, 2015

Article written by The Heavns.

Long Beach, CA — When asked to describe the BCGs music — it’s best to begin with what they are not — they are not a pop band, they are not easily classifiable, and they are not 100% aware of what they are accomplishing at any given moment.

When seeing them perform live, you might get hurt, the band members might get hurt, and your mind might get blown. Offstage, any of these soft-spoken guys can easily fool you into thinking they are just another random LA native with good fashion sense, but onstage they collectively embody everything about rock that is so often sold to us through the media and advertising. Its dangerous, its loud, its controversial, its painful, and above all its cathartic.


As a musician it is beautiful to bear witness to the fact that this band is actually a real thing because its something that I’ll never be. Whether I want to, aspire to, or would even like to be them is irrelevant; the point is someone has to do it and I’m glad as all hell that it’s come down the BCGS.

Their latest release is gorgeous, props to the recording staff for managing to capture the angst so decoratively but, seeing them live? Seeing them perform live makes me feel young, seeing them perform live makes me feel like a punk again, seeing them perform live makes me feel like nothing matters, seeing them perform live makes me feel like I can take over the world. There’s no other way to end this but with a quote from front man Joel Zimmerman: “Fuck the Beatles, fuck John Lennon, fuck god, BCGS.”


All images in this article were taken by Isabella Clarke for Unraveled.

Listen to the full Angel Lust EP release here.

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