NEW MUSIC EXCLUSIVE : Bathe by Bare Rivière

December 7th, 2015
Written by Farida Amar.

Berkeley, CA — Unraveled Artist Sierra Snyder (27), former drummer for the beloved San Francisco based rock band We Will Be Lions, and producer, singer, songwriter Bria Park (26) introduce their newest independent music project, Bare Rivière, today with the release of their first single titled Bathe. Unraveled is honored to be the first to share this magic with the digital realm and we look forward to watching both Sierra and Bria grow for years to come as Bare Rivière.

“Sierra and I met a few months ago at a small cafe in Berkeley, CA. Sierra had recently parted from her band We Will Be Lions and I was seeking a percussionist to collaborate with on a new project. The first time we met to talk, we ended up jamming shortly after for two hours. Since then, we knew something special was awakening.” — Bria

This ambient track from Bare Rivière gently promises you everything you ever wanted. With it’s dreamy electronic lounge rhythm and honest strong female vocals, it’s enough to make your toes curl between the sheets on a late Sunday morning. Together, Sierra and Bria show us that they know how to love — admitting the desire to hold on while simultaneously choosing to let go. This song breathes life through your ears and directly into your heart, forcing you to pause long enough to do nothing more than inhale and exhale with intention. There is an attraction and weakness, as well as an independence and confidence in Bathe that is undeniably felt.


Photo credit: Florent Noël

“Recently I’ve realized its not about the final product… now it’s about the writing process and learning new ways to feel into rhythm and structure. I totally enjoy creating with Bria — she’s a production wizard and electronic music is a whole new realm for me so I feel really excited about the future. FOO, ba-na-na.” — Sierra

bareriviere.com | bareriviere@gmail.com

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