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Unraveled Artists perform live for meteors crashing into dive bars

September 29th, 2014


Unraveled announces a psychedelic music microtour in Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Diego.

Los Angeles, CA ⎯ Unraveled Artists Better Looking People With Superior Ideas has designed a special three-night “micro-tour” through Southern California of psychedelic ephemera where they will perform with friends: Nova, The Shape, The Heavns and Curtsy. Since four out of five of these bands are Unraveled Artists, Unraveled will accompany this “microtour” with “micro-pop-ups.” The Unraveled micro-installations will include information about the performing and other Unraveled Artists and Unraveled Original T-shirts. The shows will be documented by Unraveled Artists Bella Clarke (photo) and Pepa Albornoz (film).

The growth from within the Unraveled Artist Community has been ongoing, but it wasn’t until this year that we started to see our artists collaborate outside of Unraveled. The There Could Be Meteors Microtour is an example of this coming together of Unraveled Artists independent of Unraveled. These guys met each other because of us but the idea to work together in designing this microtour was all their own. They set it up, they found each other, they organized and managed the development of the shows without our help. It wasn’t until after all of this was arranged that they asked us to come in and do some pop-ups and help with promotions.

“We were SO stoked to hear about what they’ve been up to. When you build an artist community you hope that all the artists you’ve fallen in love with eventually fall in love with each other too. And now, we can begin to see that happening which is perhaps the most validating response to our efforts to date.” ⎯ Farida Amar, Unraveled Founder.

For information on the bands and links to their music, check out the Microtour review written by Luka Fisher here.




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