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Unraveled’s first lookbook and mixtape was made for desert wolves

August 2nd, 2014


Unraveled is for us — the sound hunters and image gatherers of our generation.

Los Angeles, CA — Unraveled announces the release of their first lookbook. Photographed by Unraveled Artist Isabella Clarke in various locations throughout the Mojave Desert and art directed and edited by Unraveled Founder Farida Amar, these images conjure ideas of curiosity, adventure and discovery.

“We wanted to do it our own way, at our own pace. Integrity has always been important for Unraveled, an apparel brand that is made in support of the independent artist. Independence is something we all pay for with our hearts, our thoughts, our bodies, our time. This lookbook tells a story which is only natural when presenting a platform for a community of storytellers.” - Farida Amar, Unraveled Founder

The Unraveled Artist Community is comprised of massively talented humans who dedicate their time to instigation, collaboration and invention. Fundamentally nomadic in spirit, this document presents the stories, designs and music of twenty-five Unraveled Artists from seventeen different cities and six different countries. The production crew was assisted by three Native American guides through the Mojave Desert Jimmy Muñoz, direct decedent of the great Apache warrior Geronimo; Mary Ruth Hughes, member of The Chickasaw Nation and author of TishomingoNative American Recipes and various children’s books as well as artisan and craftsman of traditional Native American accessories and objects; and Tonya Littlewolf, founder and owner of Wolf Mountain Sanctuary whose entire staff were kind in helping us work with the wolves (and also in finding our lost set of keys).

View the digital version of Lookbook Vol. 001 here:

Listen to the Lookbook Vol. 001 Soundtrack here:

Watch a video about Wolf Mountain Sancturary:

If you are interested in carrying Unraveled Originals in your store or hosting an Unraveled pop-up booth at your event, please contact Farida Amar at for more information. If you are interested in collaborating with or joining the Unraveled Artist Community, please also contact Farida by email. If you want to donate to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, please visit

Unraveled Lookbook Vol. 001 Production Crew:

Farida Amar | Editor & Chief + Art Director
Isabella Clarke | Editorial Photographer
Arjun Ray | Music Curator
I’Von Lakey | Production Assistant
Alexandra Haag | Photography Assistant
Pepa Albornoz | Videographer
Angelo Platon | Model
Baris Ari | Model
Joe Almani | Model
Tash Lee | Model
Jimmy Muñoz | Guest Model
Lola Wusu | Stylist
Cat Boyles | Hair + Makeup
Lisette Solis of Cor Madeira | Accessories
Mary Ruth Hughes | Accessories
Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

Featuring the following Unraveled Originals:

Bella’s Bartok | Northampton + Boston, MA, USA
Brandon Tory | Los Angeles, CA, USA
Brock Ginther | Portland, OR, USA
Fleur Wiber | London, UK
INDN SUMR | Los Angeles, CA, USA
Julian Temple | Cayucos, CA, USA + Dunedin, New Zealand
Miriam Elhajli | Cambridge, MA, USA
DRLNG | Brooklyn, NY, USA + Paris, France
Scowlin’ Owl | London, UK
Starless | Bogota, NJ, USA
Stone Cold Fox | New York City NY, USA
The Shape | San Francisco, CA USA
Time and Energy | Los Angeles, CA, USA
Trevor and the Joneses | Las Vegas, NV, USA
Velah | Boston, MA, USA
The Heavns | National City, CA, USA
Whitney Lyman | Seattle, WA, USA

Designed by the following Unraveled Artists:

Abigail Phillips | Boston, MA, USA
Andrew Kahn | Los Angeles, CA, USA
Arjun Ray | Providence, RI, USA
Elena Becker | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Farida Amar | Los Angeles, CA, USA
Josh Magno | Los Angeles, CA, USA
Theresa Vilsmeier | Berlin, Germany
Zachary D. Milder | Brooklyn, NY, USA


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For more information or retail inquiry, contact Farida Amar at

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