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Unraveled initiative for typhoon Haiyan Relief released

November 20th, 2013


Unraveled has made a t-shirt and mixtape highlighting independent music from across the Philippines. All sales are donated to the Philippine Red Cross.

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles based international apparel project for independent music, Unraveled, announces the launch of its #HypeForPH relief initiative. Promoting the use of both apparel and music as a tool of encouragement, healing and communication, #HypeForPH will donate 100% of profits made from the sales of a limited-edition Unraveled Original T-shirt to the Philippine Red Cross. The T-shirt is accompanied by a curated mixtape of independent music from the Philippines and promotes social media support through the invention of the #HypeforPH hashtag and the reuse of the #ReliefPH and #TyphoonHaiyan hashtags.

Categorized as one of the strongest storms in recorded history, Super Typhoon Haiyan has been responsible for over 10,000 deaths in central and northern Philippines, causing an estimated $4 Billion USD in damage. Unraveled is committed to engaging in both national and international humanitarian efforts that personally impact its followers and contributors. In April 2013, as a rapid response to the tragedies suffered at The Boston Marathon, Unraveled partnered with The City of Boston, The One Fund, and the #BostonStrong social movement in a similar way.

Unraveled Press Manager I’Von Lakey explains, “In discussing the impact the typhoon was having on the world at large, our team discovered that there were a number of us with friends and family who were directly affected. It made sense to try to utilize our platform, resources, and creative point of view as a show of support, much like what we did in Boston.”

With natural and social barriers preventing a large amount of rescue aid from reaching victims, Unraveled feels that by wearing the #HypeForPH shirt, supporters can show international solidarity in their everyday lives while promoting an essential human philosophy characterized by the warm and hospitable Filipino culture – being kind and take care of one another.

The front of the T-Shirt features original artwork of the Philippine Islands and the Tagalog phrase “Aalagaan Kita” which translates in English to “I will take care of you” and the hashtag #HypeForPH is printed on the shirt’s upper back side. Made of a vintage Tri-Blend material from American Apparel, the #HypeForPH shirt is very soft and easy to wear and can be purchased for $50 USD by visiting the #HypeForPH page on the Unraveled website. Purchased shirts will be printed on demand and received in the mail within two weeks.

Unraveled also wanted to showcase local Filipino musicians who were affected by the typhoon who wanted to contribute to raising awareness by sharing their music. Our curators made a mixtape of what we thought was the most exciting discoveries. Please listen to some of the best music we could find that is currently coming out of the Philippines and remember this is a rich, beautiful culture full of talented artists and musicians just like ourselves. In times of recovery, it is also important to celebrate. When we spoke with each of these artists they were surprisingly positive, and made us fall in love with them right away. We hope you love them too!

For further information regarding the #HypeForPH” Initiative or for visual artists, apparel designers, musicians, and/or business owners that would like to get involved can contact Unraveled at


Unraveled is a highly curated online platform which translates lyrics from local music artists into graphic t-shirts designed by independent artists. Each purchase is accompanied by a free music download as well as access to a full playlist of archived songs. Unraveled’s multi-platform approach includes in-depth artist interviews, reviews of local independent music shows and showcases, cross-promotional channels for indie talent, as well as multi-sensory live events in various cities.

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