2013 Unraveled Recap

January 2nd, 2014

Unraveled Launched on May 11th, 2013 at The Good Life in Downtown Boston, Massachusetts with live performances by six Unraveled Artists — All Y’All, Brite Lite Brite, Damn Tall Buildings, Miriam Elhajli, The Navidson Record and Velah. This launch took place shortly after the Boston Marathon Bombings and Unraveled therefore went live with it’s first charitable initiative for #BOSTONSTRONG, releasing three Unraveled Originals and a curated thirteen track mixtape. The profits from the sale of the #BOSTONSTRONG Unraveled Originals were donated to The One Fund, Inc. to aid in the recovery of those affected by the bombings.

Aside from the Unraveled Launch Event in May, Unraveled hosted its first pop up shop at a Plumerai show at Radio Union in Somerville, Massachusetts in August and sponsored the Brooklyn RAW Awards, offering invitations to engage with and/or join the Unraveled Artist Community to the winners of seven out of their nine categories. Unraveled also launched a second charitable initiative, #HypeForPH, in support of the relief efforts in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. This included one Unraveled Original and a twenty-two track mixtape. The profits from sale of the #HypeForPH Unraveled Original were donated to the Philippine Red Cross.

The Unraveled Crew started with Founder and Art Director, Farida Amar; Lead Curator, Arjun Ray; Social Media Director, Meghan Fredrich; and Press Representative, Abigail Phillips. In July, Abigail Phillips left Unraveled and in August, Meghan Fredrich left too, both for personal reasons. In June, Kaitlyn Hamilton joined Unraveled as our first Assistant Curator, representing Brooklyn. In August, Farida Amar relocated to Los Angeles and met I’Von Lakey, who joined Unraveled as our new Press Representative. In October, Andrew Bordeos joined Unraveled as our second Assistant Curator, representing Los Angeles. And in December, Patrick Thompson joined as our third Assistant Curator also representing Los Angeles.

The number of curated Unraveled Featured Artists grew from the 12 we started with in May, to 65 by the end of December. The number of people applying to join Unraveled went from zero to an average of 50 per week, in large part due to our relationship with Sonicbids – a well-established booking agent for the music industry, in combination with direct applications from our online form and active scouting initiatives led by Arjun Ray. The majority of the independent musicians who have joined Unraveled are from the United States – 57 total, spanning 18 states. There other eight are based in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The number of Unraveled Featured Designers grew from 4 to 12 in eight months. Unraveled launched with Abigail Phillips (Boston), Embee Studio (Providence), Farida Amar (Los Angeles) and Theresa Vilsmeier (Berlin) in May, and has since introduced 8 new designers including Zach Milder (Brooklyn) in July; Elena Becker (Amsterdam) and Nadia Chair Tirado (Prague) in October; Andrew Kahn (Los Angeles), Callan Capush (New York City), Chris Ams (Brooklyn), Josh Magno (Los Angeles), and Matt Lu (Phoenix) in December. Together they have completed 32 Unraveled Originals which can each be found on their accompanying Featured Artist page at unraveledartists.com/artists; three Unraveled Originals for the #BOSTONSTRONG initiative; one for the #HypeForPH initiative; and the Unraveled Signature Shirt which boasts the brand tagline “Hype for the Hopefuls” across the chest.

The entire Unraveled brand was designed from scratch this year, including the naming of the company, the writing of the tagline and philosophy, the designing of the logo and website and the design and implementation of its first social media marketing plan. We were a little late setting up the analytics for our main website, unraveledartists.com, and missed the evaluations from both May and June. But, from July to December unraveledartists.com has had 4,588 unique visitors, 9,186 visits and 177,653 hits. Unraveled can also be found on the following platforms including Tumblr, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook. Tumblr is the most comprehensive, with a total of 88 posts including music reviews and editorials complemented by high resolution images and video. The Unraveled Tumblr account launched on June 10th, 2013 and has since acquired 35 followers and 302 likes. Unraveled’s Twitter account launched in May and has 507 tweets and 242 followers. Unraveled’s Soundcloud account launched in April and has uploaded 53 songs and has had 4,638 plays and 43 likes this year. Unraveled’s Facebook page now has 231 likes. Unraveled also launched the Unraveled Courier in October, a monthly newsletter sent to members of the Unraveled Artist Community only using MailChimp on the first of every month. Unraveled also launched the Editorial Exchange Program, a media bartering program in which the Unraveled editorial team crafts features on independent music and design media brands who then reciprocate by writing stories on Unraveled’s efforts.

Overall, Unraveled was born! It is now a community of 71 independent artists and organizers and hundreds of supporters. Next year Unraveled looks forward to getting to know our featured artists better, hosting more events and launching the retail initiative so that Unraveled can become a financially self-sustaining artist community.


Unraveled Artists who joined the Unraveled Artist Community in 2013: Airacuda, Albino Mbie, All Y’All, Andrea Hudson, Andrea Pais, Andy Ferrell & Oncoming Train, Ararur, Bella’s Bartok, Better Looking People With Superior Ideas, Brayton Bowman, Brett Ferguson, Brite Lite Brite, Brock Ginther, Bugs in the Dark, Charmingly Ghetto, Cobane, Corey Pace, Damn Tall Bulidings, Dead Leaf Echo, Death By Steamship, Entertainment, Everything and Everyone, Fair and Kind, Feed Me Jack, Fleur Wiber, Fos, Got Damage, Julian Temple, Katrina Cain, Lisa Ahlstrom, Little Big Man, Lu Horta, Memoir, Micropixie, Miriam Elhajli, Morgen La Cavita, Nick Backovic, Nikki McKnight, Notoriety, Nova, Paul Bergmann and the Fair Moans, Plumerai, Propaganda Anonymous, Robert Lux, Scowlin Owl, Sharkmuffin, Signals, Starless, Stone Cold Fox, Strip Down, The Navidson Record, The Shape, The Space Age Batchelor, Time and Energy, Tonka Boy Dre, Treehouse Sanctum, Trevor & The Joneses, True, Tyler Mudrick, Velah, Vid Glass, Vox Pop, We Will Be Lions, West of Aldine + Whitney Lyman

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